Boltster- The Original Flexible Bolt and Fastener Organizer

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Color: Blue

Introducing our new Boltster! “The Holster for your Bolts.”  Born out of necessity, the Boltster is a must have for mechanics, gearheads, woodworkers, body shops, aviation mechanics, marine mechanics, and anyone looking to streamline their wrenching projects.

The premise is simple. Our Boltster solves the problem of misplaced bolts and fasteners. This means no more cups of bolts or sandwich bags labeled with all your fasteners. No more guess work when reassembling a project. No more cardboard bolt diagrams. No more time wasted or anxiety from misplacing the fasteners you need! 

The location and orientation of your fasteners are extremely vital in today’s vehicles! This is where we come into the picture.


  • The Boltster is constructed of a special, high strength silicone. Our proprietary blend is chemical resistant, heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and incredibly resilient. Hot bolts from torching? No problem.
  • The main holes fit bolts as small as M7 and as large as M17! Allowing for the use in almost every mechanical application. Smaller fasteners can be flipped, allowing for secure organization.
  • The perimeter holes are the smallest, allowing all small screws, rivets, dowels, and body panel clips to be securely stored.
  • The upper left of the Boltster features a larger hole. (Great to hang out of the way for long term storage)
  • There is also a large pad for labeling your projects. Ex: Waterpump, alternator, etc. Preventing any unnecessary confusion.
  • Other uses: Store drill bits, dowels, studs, rivets, or other small tools and fasteners.
  • The Boltster utilizes 765 holes. This means you will never lose orientation of your bolts again! You can literally organize them into any configuration of your choosing.
  • Flexible: Fold it and store it. The Boltster is flexible, and can be tucked away into any toolbox or drawer.
  • Dimensions: 10"x10"x.4" unrolled.

**This blend of silicone is tested and approved for use by Boeing and the United States Air Force

History: The Boltster was literally born out of a fault. When the inventors tried to reassemble a water pump on a vintage Dodge pickup, tragedy struck in the form of the wrong bolt. What should have been a quick 1 hour water pump job, turned into a broken cam gear and busted timing cover. After that day, the inventors swore to find a solution which prevented any issues like this from happening in the future!

 **Make sure to check out our newest model, the Boltster Tray! The Boltster Tray caters to fasteners between 4mm and 24mm! Available here.

What is to come: We are currently working on several other versions of the Boltster. Targeted toward industries other than automotive. From small jobs to industrial projects. We want to hear feedback from you guys on what a good Boltster would need to suit your job!