Boltster Flexible Organizing Tray

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Color: Blue

Introducing the third model in the Boltster line up, the Boltster Flexible Organizing Tray! The Boltster Tray is the next step of our product evolution. It is everything the Original Boltster provided and so much more. We have listened to your requests the past two years, and this is the result! The Boltster Tray is a must have for automotive mechanics, body shops, aviation / marine technicians, woodshops, and anyone else looking to keep their projects organized. 

The premise is simple. Our Boltster Tray solves the problem of misplaced bolts and fasteners. This means no more cups of bolts or sandwich bags labeled with all your fasteners. No more guess work when reassembling a project. No more cardboard bolt diagrams. No more time wasted or anxiety from misplacing the fasteners you need!

The location and orientation of your fasteners are extremely vital in today’s vehicles. This is where we come into the picture.

  • The Boltster is constructed of a special, high strength silicone. Our proprietary blend is chemical resistant, heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and incredibly resilient. Hot bolts from torching? No problem.
  • This time around, we have included 3 different pattern diameters! That means you can organize fasteners as small as m4 and as large as m24! That’s approximately 5/32” to 1” for you die hard standard folks. The larger patterns can now cater to nut / washer storage, and smaller fasteners can be simply flipped for secure organization as well.
  • Additionally, the Boltster Tray has one quadrant without an organizing pattern which is a dedicated “catch-all” area. Any loose nuts, bolts, screws, wrenches, etc. can all be held securely here. Most tool trays on the market have a 25mm sidewall height. Boltster offers a 35mm, which is one of the best in its class. Almost nothing will roll out of this tray!
  • New to this model, the Boltster Tray has two oversized, robust handles integrated into the design. These are not those tiny, flimsy rigs you see on other brands. You can easily carry as much weight as you can stack in this mat, without concern for collapse or rigidity issues.
  • Let’s talk about weight. This unit comes in at just under 3 pounds! We have beefed up all aspects of the Boltster Tray including the bottom, sidewalls, and pattern webbing. Because of this, all customers can now enjoy a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

****This blend of silicone is tested and approved for use by Boeing and the United States Air Force

Approximate Dimensions L x W x H: 15” x 12” x 1.5”

What is to come: We are currently working on several other versions of the Boltster. Targeted toward industries other than automotive. From small jobs to industrial projects. We want to hear feedback from you guys on what a good Boltster would need to suit your job!