Air Force Organizer

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Introducing the Boltster Air Force Organizer – a product born from two years of meticulous research and development. Our most rigorous project to date, this organizer is the ultimate solution for fastener retention. In 2022, the Air Force approached us with a critical need: a reliable bolt organizer for small fasteners. At the time, they relied on cardboard diagrams for fastener accountability. Given the Air Force's stringent requirement for a 100% fastener retention rate, losing a single bolt could halt operations, risking significant damage if lost in the fuselage of a fighter jet or airplane. We answered this call with the Boltster Air Force Organizer, specifically designed for fasteners ranging from 4mm to 8mm (or 5/32" to 5/16" for standard measurements). Made from durable silicone and weighing just under 2lbs, it features 80 evenly spaced holes, maximizing the distance between fastener heads for optimal organization. Ideal for airplane mechanics, marine mechanics, automotive technicians, and other professionals who handle smaller fasteners, the Boltster Air Force Organizer ensures efficiency and security in your work. As part of our agreement with the Air Force, we're offering a commemorative version to the public. This Red, White, and Blue themed organizer includes a locking clip, perfect for convenient storage. Plus, like all our products, it comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Approximate Dimensions: L x W x H: 11" x 8" x .5"

The Data:

The Air Force hired a 3rd party to consult on the project as well. Independent testing had to be performed in order to validate our claims. Boeing was the consultant of choice. Because of this, our mats got put through the ringer.

Chemical Resistance:

Our proprietary blend of silicone was put through prolonged exposure to numerous chemicals. Gasoline, diesel, solvents, cleaners, degreaser, antifreeze, jet fuel, etc. No major deterioration was detected, only minor discoloration of the product. A true testament of quality.

Drop Test:

Next, the Air Force Organizer was subjected to repetitive drop tests from a 40' ledge. The results proved great retention rates with correctly sized fasteners!

UV Testing:

The mats were also subjected to simulated UV testing. This UV testing would simulate years of exposure over a shorter window of time. Remarkably the testing proved to have no significant signs of product deterioration.

Tear Away:

One primary concern with the design of the Air Force Organizer was how strong the carabiner attachment point would be. Repeat testing showed an average break away strength of 128lbs of pulling force!

Repetition / Abrasion:

Many tests were performed within this step. However, the repetition test was arguably the most compelling. A jig and fixture was constructed for the mat with a robotic arm to test how the organizer fared against repetitive bolt insertions. At 10,000 insertions the mat was removed and measured. Only a small amount of abrasion occurred within the tested holes, with the mats being deemed fully functional post testing!